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Companies and Organizations related to LENR

Alphabetical list of companies/organizations/groups that are involved in R&D and commercial activities related to LENR.

Name Type Head/Owner Country Technology
Airbus [1] [2] Commercial France Ni-H
Atom Ecology Commercial Russ George Canada Cavitation, Ni-H
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) [3] [4] R&D India Pd-D
BlackLight Power Commercial Randell Mills US SunCell, Hydrino
Boeing [5] [6] Commercial William Boeing US
Brillouin Energy Corporation Commercial Robert Godes, Robert George US Ni-H
Brust Energies Commercial Richard Philpott US Cavitation
Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES) [7] [8] R&D Robert Duncan US
Chemonuclear Fusion Project Chemonuclear Fusion
Chinese Nuclear Society R&D China
Clean Planet Commercial Hideki Yoshino Japan
Clean Nuclear Power LLC [9] Commercial Allan Widom,Yogendra Srivastava Switzerland Pd, Li
Cold Fusion Power International R&D Edward Tsyganov US Pd-D
Cold Fusion Research Laboratory R&D Hideo Kozima Japan
Coolescence Commercial Rick Cantwell US Pd-D
Defkalion Green Technologies Commercial Alex Xanthoulis Canada Hyperion, Ni-H
EarthTech International R&D US
Elforsk R&D Sweden Ni-H
ENEA R&D Italy Pd-D
Etiam Inc Commercial Finland Ni-H
First Light Fusion Commercial Yiannis Ventikos United Kingdom Cavitation
Global Energy Corporation
Grimshaw & Associates LLC Commercial, R&D Thomas Grimshaw US
Heliorite AB Commercial, R&D Birger Johannson Sweden Ni-H
Hope Cell Technologies [10] Commercial Robert Vancina Hydrogen generation
Hydrobetatron R&D Ugo Abundo Italy
Hydro Fusion Commercial Magnus Holm Sweden Licensee of Leonardo Corporation, E-Cat
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research R&D India
Industrial Heat, LLC Commercial Tom Darden, JT Vaughn US E-Cat, Ni-H-Li
IPH International BV [11] Commercial US E-Cat, Ni-H-Li
Is TECH [12] Commercial, R&D Paolo Tripodi Italy Metal-Hydrogen
Jet Energy Inc Commercial Mitchell Swartz US NANOR
JWK Technologies Corporation [13] Commercial US Nuclear waste treatment
Kressen Commercial Angelo Ovidi UK
Kurchatov Institute, Moscow R&D Russia Nuclear waste treatment
Lattice Energy LLC Commercial Lewis Larsen
LENR Cars Commercial Nicolas Chauvin
LENR Cities Commercial Michel Vandenberghe Switzerland
LENRG Commercial Switzerland
LENRGY LLC Commercial Edmund Storms, Thomas Grimshaw US
LENRIA Commercial Steven Katinsky US
LENR Invest Commercial Antoine Guillemin, Michael Halem Switzerland, US
Leonardo Corporation Commercial Andrea Rossi Italy E-Cat, Ni-H
Lightstone Technologies [14] Commercial Germany
LockTherm LLC [15] Commercial Russia Ni-H LiAlH4
Looking For Heat Commercial, R&D Alan Smith UK Ni-H LiAlH4
Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project R&D US Ni-H
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Commercial, R&D Japan
NanoSpire Inc Commercial Mark L. LeClair US Cavitation
NASA [16] [17] R&D US
National Institute of Advanced Studies R&D India
Natural Science Foundation of China R&D China
National Instruments [18] [19] Commercial James Truchard US Instrumentation
NeoFire Commercial, R&D Peter Björkbom Sweden
New Inflow Commercial, R&D Anatoly Klimov Russia Metal Nano-cluster Plasmoid [20]
Nichenergy S.R.L Commercial Francesco Piantelli Italy Ni-H
NUCAT Energy LLC Commercial David J. Nagel US
Permanetix [21] Commercial Nikita Alexandrov US
Phonon Energy Non-Profit Research David Daggett Seattle, Washington, USA Ni-H
Prometeon SRL [22] Commercial Italy
Purratio AG Commercial Germany, Austria, Hungary
Quantum Fusion Commercial Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov Cavitation
Quantum Rabbit LLC [23] [24] R&D Edward Esko US Nuclear Waste Treatment
Royal Dutch Shell [25] R&D France Pd-D
Russian Academy of Sciences [26] R&D Russia
Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (University of Missouri) R&D Graham Hubler US
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) R&D US
Spazionica R&D F. Santandrea Italy Ni-H
SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute) R&D Michael McKubre US
STMicroelectronics S.R.L. [27] [28] Commercial
Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) [29] [30] R&D Sweden Ni-H, E-Cat
Technova Inc [31] Commercial, R&D Japan
TET Commercial, R&D Andrew Hrischanovich Ukraine, Russia Ti-H, Ti-D
Thunder Energies Corporation Commercial Ruggero Santilli
Toyota Motor Corporation [32] Commercial, R&D Japan Pd-D
TSEM [33] [34] Commercial Antonio La Gatta Italy Pd-D, Ni-H
Unified Gravity Corporation R&D, Commercial Hubert Lipinski, Mike Palmer US Li-Proton

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