Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

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The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is a nonprofit organization formed in 2012 to pursue research in the field of low energy nuclear reactions in an open and transparent way. They have a stated goal of demonstrating to the world the reality of LENR (or the New Fire as they often refer to it) in a clear and unambiguous way, following the principle of 'live open science' in which they publish all their research and experimental activities to the world, sometimes in live streaming experiments over the internet.

The MFMP Team

The team members of MFMP (as of January 2015) are the following:

The Hunt Utilities Group

Hunt Utilities Group (H.U.G.)[1] is a research group in Pine River, Minnesota US devoted to sharing sustainable living. They are hoping to find the key to LENR to provide affordable power for everyone.

Main goals of the MFMP

  • Demonstration of the scientific validity of LENR.
  • Help develop peoples understanding of what the New Fire[2] is.
  • Help promote the development and uptake of the New Fire in all its various guises.
  • Commitment to Live Open Science

List of Projects

Following is the list of projects that have been completed and are ongoing in MFMP :

Overview of the Results and Achievements

To be added.



  1. Hunt Utilities Group (H.U.G.)
  2. A synonym for LENR energy, coined by MFMP