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The E-Cat World LENR Knowledge Base is an attempt to create a repository of information for topics connected with the field of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), sometimes referred to as 'cold fusion'.

The main E-Cat World site works well for keeping up with the latest news and developments, but is not really designed to be a complete reference site. There is a growing body of work in the LENR field which is important to record and organize, and the Wiki structure of the Knowledge Base allows for familiar organization of articles and the ability to expand as needed.

You can see all the pages in the knowledge base in the Table of Contents or use the links on the sidebar on left to navigate. Use the search box above to search for specific information.

Contributing to the Knowledge Base

If you would like to contribute to the knowledge base, and agree with the guidelines below, please send an email to ecatworld@gmail.com, along with a preferred username, and an account will be created for you.

Guidelines for Content Creation

The basic guidelines for content on this knowledge base are as follows:

  • The Knowledge Base should cover topics connected with LENR.
  • The Knowledge Base is built on the assumption that LENR is a real phenomenon and a valid field of science and technology; thus it is not a forum for skeptics to try to disprove its reality.
  • The Knowledge Base is a reference site, so entries should be objective and fact-based, rather than subjective and opinion-based. Editors should avoid including personal bias, rumors and unverified speculation in their writing.
  • Please cite sources. (Various citation methods using MediaWiki markup code are explained here: Wikipedia:citing sources)
  • Do not post copyright protected material.
  • Do not create entries for advertising or self-promotion purposes.
  • Information about people should focus on their professional work in connection with LENR, and not other aspects of their lives. Personal attacks, or information of scandalous or sensitive nature are not permitted. Do not post content or make comments that are abusive, insulting or libelous.

Creating new pages and editing existing ones

Enter your page title in the search box above. You will be prompted to create a new page if its not already created. To add or edit content of an existing page, click the Edit tab on the top right. Visit this link for more help:

You can also email your content to above email address in case you have already written content in the form of doc, html or pdf files.

Formatting help

These pages use the wiki syntax for formatting. In case you are unfamiliar with this syntax but have important content to contribute, please use un-formatted plain text and request for it to be formatted or paste it in the Discussion page on that topic.

Below are some links that editors might find useful that provide information about editing and formatting articles in this MediaWiki environment: