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Andrea Rossi (born June 3, 1950 in Milan) is an Italian-American inventor and entrepreneur and the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer (often referred to as the E-Cat), a device that contains powdered nickel, hydrogen, and other additives which has been found to creates anomalous amounts of heat when stimulated by an external source of heat.

Rossi's parents ran a steel fabrication business and Rossi gained engineering and manufacturing experience as a young man working in the factory. At age 25 he graduated from the University of Milan with a Dottore Magistrale degree in philosophy, and then began research into the problem of transforming waste into usable petroleum fuel. In 1978 he was awarded a patent for a process of transforming organic waste into biofuel started a company called Petroldragon. Petroldragon later ran afoul of Italian environmental laws which were passed after the company began operations, and ultimately was shut down. Rossi was convicted of violating environmental regulations related to the storage of biofuels and environmental contamination, was ultimately imprisoned for a over a year and a half (there were two separate incarcerations), and was financially ruined[1] .

Andrea Rossi became interested in the topic of LENR shortly after the announcement by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in April 1989, that they had managed to achieve the production of excess heat in an electrolytic cell experiment. During his time in prison, Rossi engaged in intense study of nuclear physics with a view to developing LENR systems. Rossi says he tried without success to replicate the Fleischmann and Pons experiment, but maintained interest in LENR and began to try his own experiments. In 1997, working in New Hampshire, USA, Rossi reports that he first noticed the production of excess heat from what he considered could be a nuclear reaction[2]

Rossi founded Leonardo Corporation as a company to develop his invention and for many years self-financed the research and development of the E-Cat himself. Rossi has said that Leonardo Corp. owns the intellectual property rights of the E-Cat, and will commercialize his technology through licensees.

In 2014 a Raleigh, North Carolina based company, Industrial Heat, LLC, announced they had acquired intellectual property and licensing rights for Rossi's Energy Catalyzer.[3].

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